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Code Ninjas Unveils Exclusive Partnership with codeSpark Academy to Offer Game-Based Coding Curriculum to Younger Children

Partnership Enables Code Ninjas Centers to Introduce Coding to Children as Young as Four

PEARLAND, Texas – (Aug. 27, 2019) – Code Ninjas, the world’s largest and fastest growing coding franchise, announced today its exclusive partnership with codeSpark Academy, an award-winning coding platform for young children. The companies are teaming up to bring coding education and its benefits to a younger group of learners at Code Ninjas centers through a brand-new program – Code Ninjas JR.

codeSpark Academy’s proven curriculum will power the Code Ninjas JR program at select Code Ninjas locations beginning this fall. The program will combine codeSpark’s highly accessible and powerful coding platform with the hands-on activities, guidance, and live interaction available at Code Ninjas locations. Reading skills are not required, allowing younger children and those with learning disabilities to gain logic, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

“This partnership is a huge step forward in technology education because it brings together two world-class brands to make coding more accessible and fun for kids,” said Code Ninjas co-founder and CEO David Graham. “We are thrilled to be working with codeSpark to reach even younger learners. With Code Ninjas JR, we can introduce pre-readers to STEM, which we know will benefit them later in life.”

Code Ninjas is known for teaching children ages 7-14 how to code by building their own video games in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. With a nine-belt curriculum inspired by martial arts, Code Ninjas keeps kids excited and engaged, while parents see their children gain life-changing STEM skills. codeSpark Academy is the most-used coding app for kids ages 5-9, turning programming into play with a mix of curriculum-based puzzles, powerful creative tools, and lovable characters called The Foos.

“Code Ninjas shares our vision of making fun and effective computer science education available to all children,” said codeSpark Academy co-founder and CEO Grant Hosford. “We’re excited they picked our award-winning platform to teach young kids how to create with code and look forward to supporting the rapid growth of the Code Ninjas JR program.”

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About Code Ninjas

Founded in 2016, Code Ninjas® is the world’s largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. In hundreds of Code Ninjas centers, kids ages 7-14 have fun building video games while gaining life-changing skills in coding, robotics, and problem solving. Kids have fun, parents see results®. For more information, visit

About codeSpark Academy
codeSpark Academy® is the most used coding platform in the world for kids ages 5-9 and is built with love in Pasadena, California. Over 2 million kids a month use codeSpark Academy’s proprietary word-free coding interface to solve coding challenges and program their own video games. It’s the largest digital community of young kid creators and 53% are girls! Learn more at

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