Income Wreck-ognition Roundup

Income Wreck-ognition Roundup

Hey there, if you're a franchisor and believe you will be adversely affected by the income recognition rule changes, please reply to this email with your contact information so I can keep you informed and get a count of franchisors affected by the change, and complete IFA’s Income Recognition Surv...

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Income Wreck-ognition

Income Wreck-ognition: Here’s What You Should Know

The deadline to comply with the new income recognition rules is upon us, which will likely “loot” much of the capitalization of an emerging franchisor. The restatement will likely have the effect of driving many rapidly growing franchisors’ capital into the negative -- jeopardizing (un-impou...

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Franchise Lawyer

Selecting a Lawyer for Your Emerging Franchise Brand

There is no special credential to practice franchise law. Like many other practice specialties, an attorney can simply identify themselves as a franchise lawyer with little or no experience. Since franchising is a method of doing business, it transcends many industries, from quick service restauran...

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Franchisor Community Events

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The W Hotel Philadelphia

September 26-28

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Riverside Hotel Fort Lauderdale

October 31-November 2


Park City, UT