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Top Five Job Search Tips to Help You Navigate Through Coronavirus

Top Five Job Search Tips to Help You Navigate Through Coronavirus by Alesia Visconti

Alesia Visconti was a former Career Coach and CEO of a career transition / outplacement firm and is volunteering her time to provide daily tips to our #franchisefam for a successful job search to all that are going through job loss due to Coronavirus. Alesia Visconti is currently the CEO at FranServe & Franchise Dictionary Magazine.


1. Looking for a job is a full-time job. If you think of it like that you will implement a strategy and schedule to continually propel you forward and make good use of your time. “Chunking” activities into slots of the day will be helpful (Calls in AM| LinkedIn networking in afternoon | Research at end of day| etc)

2. Get a schedule in place. Wake up at the same time & get dressed in more than sweats or PJs. Having a rhythm, taking action, and instituting a schedule will help you feel more confident. Confidence helps to overcomes fear.

3. Tell *everyone* you know that you are job searching. The posting of positions here is great but positions are often heard of from a “friend of a friend.” Make *everyone* you know (personally and professionally) an agent in helping you find your next position.

4. Do more than just ‘update’ your LinkedIn profile with an end date to your last position and changing the verbs to past tense. Most people rarely look at their own profile. Step back and look at it from the eyes of a recruiter and/or a hiring perspective. Entire sections may need to be overhauled, deleted, or tweaked. Having someone else review it for also advisable

5. Create an ‘accountability’ group. People with whom you can connect on a weekly call who are also job searching but not in direct competition with you. It will help you move forward even on days when you don’t feel like it. You can all share your progress, strengths, tips, etc. Very good for support on every level.

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