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Unique Assisted Stretching Studio Debuts in North Carolina

Local Couple Open the State’s First StretchLab Location in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 25, 2019) StretchLab, the premier assisted stretching franchise, has opened its first North Carolina tudio in Charlotte on May 30. Located in the Strawberry Hill Shopping Center at 4914 Old Sardis Rd., Ste. C3, the studio will introduce people of all ages and fitness levels to the various health and wellness benefits of working with highly trained Flexologists™ in an open, modern, fun and approachable environment.

StretchLab SouthPark is owned and operated by North Carolina couple Steve and Stacey Hitzemann. The two have lived in Cotswold for almost 20 years with their three children. The couple’s journey into StretchLab began when Steve turned 40, and started to feel stiff pains in his back. Fitness fanatics, the couple began researching different benefits of stretching and wanted to bring the concept to their neighbors. Steve and Stacey will be opening five more locations: Dilworth, two locations around Lake Norman/Cornelius/Davidson, and two more locations in South Charlotte.

“Many folks are coming into the center and have a similar story, they’re not feeling how they used to and they want to do something about it,” said Steve. “We want to be Charlotte’s stretching center and a community where we will help you with everything and anything, from flexibility to general mobility.”

In addition to StretchLab’s one-on-one stretching services, the SouthPark location offers a Fit Flex group class, which focuses on increasing range of motion and flexibility overall. During the class, a trained Flexologist™ leads clients through a sequence of stretches to address major muscle groups. No prior experience in high-level flexibility required. Monthly memberships are available for four or eight visits per month, as well as drop-in stretches.

StretchLab SouthPark is open Monday through Friday from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M., as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. The studio can be reached online at, or by phone at 704-585-8941.

About StretchLab:

Founded in 2015 in Venice, California, StretchLab is the first boutique health and wellness franchise that offers one-on-one assisted stretching services in a fun, energetic and communal environment. It is designed to increase mobility and flexibility, helping to reduce pain, decrease muscle aches, improve posture, reduce recovery time and enhance quality of life. Guided by highly-trained Flexologists™ in a one-on-one or group atmosphere, StretchLab is revolutionizing the stretching industry through its approach to help clients of all ages, fitness levels, genders and sizes achieve deeper stretches that allow them to reach individual wellness goals. To learn more about StretchLab, visit

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