018: Using Technology to Gain an Edge – with Ben Gaddis

I really enjoyed this episode with Ben Gaddis of Austin TX based T3.

T3 is a leading marketing Agency that serves many great brands including 7-11, Focus Brands, and many others. An interesting fact: T3 is one of the largest woman owned agencies in the world…Founded by Gay Gaddis in 1989.

In this conversation, Ben and I explore topics including:
-How he sees brands innovating and using modern technology to gain an edge
-How brands are enhancing experiences and building community
-How to leverage social data
-What to think about AI, VR and other technologies
-2 Great book recommendations on future technology predictions

Be sure to pick up the book "Cowgirl Power" by Gay Gaddis

Show Sponsor: http://www.solinkcorp.com

Audio Engineering: Ben Kliever

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