022: Wild Birds Unlimited with Paul Picket

Modern Business Episode #22 takes us “Into the Wild” with Paul Picket – Chief Development officer of Wild Birds Unlimited.

Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bird seed, bird feeders, and many other bird feeding supplies. They were founded in 1981 and have grown from a single feed store in Indianapolis to over 330 specialty retail stores across the country.

Paul and I caught up over breakfast in Dallas TX (so during this Podcast you get some soothing diner background noise).

Get ready to learn
-what an Ornithologist is
-How Wild Birds has fended off the “Amazon machine”
-How they are customizing the bird-feeding experience
-Pauls number one piece of advice when it comes to hiring
-The art of Slowing down
-The importance of getting involved in the IFA
-How FranPAC helps drive critical legislative agenda

As a side note, this is SUPER CRITICAL: contribute to Fran Pac if you are in franchising. Email or DM me to ask me how.

Ryanh@rallio.com OR @ryanthomashicks on all social media.

Some Shoutouts Paul Gave in the podcast:
-Therese Thilgen and Gary Gardner
-Brian Schnell and Kerry Olson
-Pete Lindsey, Jeff Sturgis, Michell Rowan and Eric Stites

And Lastly: shoutout to @Ben Kliever as always, our worthy audio engineer.