026: 10 Marketing Tips with David Chapman

This Podcast explores “10 Marketing Tips for Emerging and Established Franchise Brands” with David Chapman, President and CEO of 919 Marketing.

As mentioned in the intro, we had bad connectivity during “Tip number 1″….so our worthy sound engineer *Mr. Ben Kliever* cut out #1 and we are linking to it here: info.919marketing.com/download-top-t…anchise-brands

About 919 Marketing: 919 Has earned their stripes working in the newsrooms of major national TV networks, the boardrooms of the largest international advertising and public relations agencies, and within the brand marketing departments of the some of the world’s largest brands.

Their award winning staff of marketing strategists, TV and print reporters, and social media trailblazers are seasoned experts, providing brands with the content marketing firepower they need to excite, motivate and engage customers and prospects. But at the end of the day, what really sets us apart is our ability to generate big, breakthrough ideas to differentiate you from the pack.