Aslam Khan: Legendary Multi Unit Franchisee (Now Franchisor and Philanthropist)

This was the second time we recorded extensively with Aslam Khan, the legendary franchisee known as "the turnaround King". His Rags to Riches story has inspired the franchise community for two decades now. His simple but powerful message shows us "It Can Be Done".

Aslam is the Chairman of Falcon Holdings, one of the worlds largest franchisees, and now also a franchisor with a couple of recent acquisitions of Piccadilly and Fatz Cafe.

One thing that struck me during this episode was Aslam’s focus on giving back. He is literally building roads in his home country of Pakistan.

Topics we delve into in this jam packed episode:

*Aslam’s background and story
* What’s new and current at Falcon Holdings, including new acquisitions
* What is Falcon Management
* How important is it for organizations to listen to Young talent?
* How do you see the hospitality industry being shaped by technology?
* Do you think mediocre single unit operators can be coached to become successful multi unit operators?
* How do you respond to challenges?
* The "Khan formula" for developing self confidence
*The difference between independence and Interdependence

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