Bedros Keuilian Tells All

Bedros Keuilian is the Founder of Fit Body Bootcamp, a national fitness franchise with over 600 locations open. He is the author of MAN UP, a WSJ bestseller. He’s an Executive coach, has several elite masterminds, and is an incredibly talented marketer, entrepreneur, and authority in his industry that is really walking the talk while teaching others to do the same in.

We recorded this episode at the IFA streaming booth in Orlando at IFA 2020. Topics we explored in depth in this great chat included:
-Bedros incredible backstory
-Life before Fit Body Bootcamp (running a personal Training Agency that taught trainers how to sell high ticket packages)
-The evolution of Fit Body Bootcamp
-Lead generation and digital marketing for both Consumer marketing and franchise development
-Fit Body Bootcamp’s step by step process for franchise Development
-Content strategy for running ads
-How to weather personal and business “winters”
-The Man Up book
-“The Project”
-Franchisor Mastermind Classes

Email me to claim a FREE MAN UP BOOK! I’m giving several of them away. Also email me if you would like to learn more about The Project or the Franchisor Mastermind that are both mentioned in the podcast!


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