Charting a Personal and Professional Path in a Digital World with Justin Mink

In this chat with Justin Mink from Scorpion Internet Marketing we start with learning about his wide ranging background then tie that experience in to share prospective on trends in digital that you need to be considering.

We live in a fast moving world today when it comes to technology, data and digital. It’s hard to sift through and keep up. This episode is a good place to gain some prospective on where things are at and how you should be thinking about your brand’s digital presence.

Other topics we cover include:
* How to navigate the "notification overload" of a 2019 mobile world
* Tips on Meditation
* Two stellar book suggestions: 10% Happier by Dan Harris and Essentialism by Greg McKeown
* Another resource I mentioned was the 10% Happier App and specifically the "Performance" Course by George Mumford, which is a series of 13 meditations designed to teach, enlighten and educate

Justin Mink:


Audio Engineer: Ben Kliever

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