COVID-19 and Franchising: When Will We See Growth Again?

In this episode recorded on Friday March 20th 2020, we address the current reality head on, AND use some historical context to discuss when we expect to see a rebound in franchise growth.

Obviously we have never before seen a crisis quite like this. However, we do have multiple crisis over the past four decades that have rocked the franchise world and sown massive unpredictability. Thus, we know how markets react to recessions and uncertainty.

Using that context as a basis (and also looking at the COVID-19 numbers across the globe as this pandemic spreads with certain countries being affected months ahead of others)… we can rub the crystal ball and make some predictions.

In this episode we address:
-What is happening
-How long do we think it will last and when do we think we will see growth again
-What industries will bounce back
-Who will not bounce back
-What does a "survival plan" look like
-Why its important to spend time on your long term strategy too
-What is PE thinking
-The effect on the workforce
-The silver lining in all of this madness
-What cultures will thrive
-The global impact
-And much more

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