Springboard 2022 – Evolving Your Franchisee Onboarding Process

Springboard 2022

Prior to the pandemic and associated fallout, selling, onboarding and maintaining franchise systems was a fairly consistent process, usually well planned and carried out with efficiencies. Over the past couple of years, “business as usual” ceased to exist with decreased foot traffic, supply chain delays, and labor shortages. To remain successful, franchisors had to learn how to evolve and accept adaptation and change. While not everyone weathered the storm, several brands not only pushed through adversity, but managed to continue to expand and increase profitability. In this workshop, learn firsthand from “COVID Champions” who were able to turn crisis into creativity.

Moderator: Marla Topliff – Consultant, Kathleen Wood Partners

Panelists: Tom Scalese – Chief Operating Officer, East Coast Wings + Grill; Mark Van Wye – CEO, Zoom Room; Meg Roberts – CEO & President, The Lash Lounge; Steve Montgomery – Founder & CEO, That 1 Painter