Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox

It was an honor to sit down with Don Fox, CEO of Firehouse Subs on Day #19 of our journey. Don is an iconic guy in the restaurant industry (and in franchising) and has a TON to share with you in this episode. As a 45 year hospitality industry veteran, I think anyone can pick up a gold nugget or two from this episode. Special thanks to STAN FRIEDMAN from FRM Solutions for setting up this meeting for us.

One of the things i’ll note is, the answer to the question about what he did with success early on will be of tremendous value to Marketing Leaders. Be sure to listen for that at the beginning of this episode, and share the episode with franchise marketing leaders and colleagues.

In the episode we covered:
-Don’s Background and what brought him to Firehouse
-The KEY thing Don believes he and the team did RIGHT early on
-State of the industry: A decline in dine-in and where the industry is heading
-How Don creates incredible loyalty as a leader
-What makes Firehouse different?
-How they identified a correlation between sales and community work
-What discovery day’s look like for Firehouse
-Don’s Book

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