Springboard 2022 – Franchise Relations: Break Through the Noise

Springboard 2022

Franchisors like to say they over-communicate, while franchisees can often feel like they’re being flooded with information to the point they simply tune out. Effective communication is vital to a successful franchisor-franchisee relationship, which means franchisors need to be connecting with their owners in ways that have value—and ultimately help improve that bottom line. In this session, franchisors share advice for moving beyond crisis-level communication, how the simple act of listening can resolve conflict and ways public praise can have positive ripple effects on the whole system. They’ll also give a candid look at why it’s crucial to set expectations with franchisees up front, when to show flexibility without damaging the brand or relationship, and how creating a culture of transparency and collaboration impacts the growth of the brand.

Moderator: Laura Michaels – Editor-in-Chief, Franchise Times

Panelists: Steve White – President & Chief Operating Officer, PuroClean; Emma Dickison – CEO & President, Home Helpers Home Care; Dianne Davis – President, Just Between Friends; Amy Freeman – CEO, The Spice & Tea Exchange