Ken Osness, Belfor Franchise Group

For this interview, co-host Zack Fishman jumps on the phone with Ken Osness, Belfor Franchise Group’s VP of Franchise Development. We discuss their recent acquisition of HRI (Chem-Dry, N-Hance and Delta Disaster), their two newest brands under the Belfor umbrella (Plumberz and Packoutz), what they look for in a franchisee and great stories about Belfor’s CEO.

In this exclusive episode, Zack Fishman chats with VP of Franchise Development for Belfor Franchise Group, Ken Osness. In this episode, we talk through some exciting ways that the portfolio companies under Belfor differentiates themselves, some tools they provide for their franchisees in order to help them succeed and some big things on the horizon in 2020 (especially with their newly announced acquisition of Harris Research International, MB alums!)

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