Learn From Founders Who Have Sold Their Franchise Business At This 🔥 Event

The franchise industry is seeing a tremendous amount of acquisitions as platform companies and private equity groups double down on the sector.

Here’s how you can get the inside baseball:

Emerging founders have the opportunity to sit down and speak directly with founders who have sold their companies at the 10th annual Springboard event.

The session also includes private equity professionals and investment bankers who specialize in franchising.

Get firsthand advice about: capital, selecting a partner, organizing your affairs, and what to expect before, during, and after the deal….

The date is september 28th in Philadelphia at the 10th annual Springboard event for emerging franchisors.

If you are an emerging or re-emerging franchisor, get registered at http://www.FranchiseSpringboard.com today!

Don’t miss the “Transacting Founders” session on day 1 of Springboard 2022.

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