Welcome To The Nexus: With Little Gym CEO Alex Bingham

Our newest podcast, The Nexus, is hosted by Justin Mink (SVP of Sales at Scorpion) and explores the intersection of branding, culture, and marketing in the franchise industry. The franchise model presents unique challenges for leaders dedicated to building exceptional brands with world-class cultures. Each episode, Justin talk with franchise leaders whose teams masterfully execute brand-building and work to ensure that marketing bolsters the power of their brands across national and even global footprints.

In this first episode of The Nexus, Justin explores how Alex Bingham, CEO of The Little Gym, has grown his brand over a span of more than 19 years in to a global powerhouse with hundreds of locations in 30+ countries.

In a discussion recorded live on the floor of the 2020 IFA Convention, Alex talks about his passion for creating a culture that fosters healthy dissent and gives the thousands of people in the system a stake in the brand and their vision.

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