Meeting with Nancy Bigley: Painting With A Twist

Zack and I really enjoyed recording this episode with Nancy Bigley, Chief Operating Officer of Painting With a Twist. She took time out of her jam-packed day AT CONFERENCE to sit with us. We literally met her at the convention hall at the Sheraton in downtown New Orleans on Canal street. The meeting took place on July 22nd and marked the first meeting of week two on the tour.

In the episode we dive in to:
-Learn more about Nancy and her Journey
-What a typical day in her life looks like
-What inspired her to start Bottles & Botega after so much experience in quick serve and service brands
-The transition from Dunkin to starting her own business.
-Impactful Women in Franchising
-Biggest challenges and lessons learned
-How did mentors influenced her life
-What accomplishment she’s proudest of
-What she’s excited about and looking into the crystal ball of what the future holds


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