Millennial Monthly: Carmelo Marsala, CEO of Spray-Net, talks with Zack Fishman

Millennial Monthly host ZACK FISHMAN sits down with Carmelo Marsala, the Grand Prize winner of the 2106 NextGen in Franchising award. On this short, value-packed podcast- they discuss the nuances of building a fast growing franchise business as a millennial, with many great millennial franchisees.

About Carmelo:
Carmelo Marsala is the founder and president of innovative exterior spray painting company, Spray-Net. As a student painter limited to off-the-shelf products and the exterior substrates that could be painted, he saw there was a void to fill within the exterior painting industry. At 19 years of age and with the goal of bridging the gap between regular house painting and factory painting, Carmelo founded Spray-Net and the permanent paint solution. Using a proprietary line of custom formulated industrial-strength coatings and a specialized spraying technique, Spray-Net revamps and transforms exterior siding, stucco, brick, front and garage doors and windows on-site. In just one day, Spray-Net delivers a permanent, factory-hard finish that won’t peel and that looks absolutely brand-new, not repainted.

Spray-Net Franchising Info:

Audio Engineer: Ben Kliever
Host of Millennial Monthly: Zack Fishman
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