OPINION: Don’t Blame Tips for Sexual Harassment – Dawn LaFreeda’s WSJ Article

This monologue is an OPINION piece covering an issue that has become the topic of much political debate, locally and nationally.

I recently visited San Antonio Texas to meet with Dawn LaFreeda, who is the one of the largest woman owned multi-unit franchisee operations in the country. On this visit, she shared with me an article she wrote for the WSJ titled "Dont Blame Tips for Sexual Harassment." I explore this and more on this short podcast. Enjoy my short synopsis along with my final thoughts.

Here is Dawn’s WSJ Article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/dont-blame-tips-for-sexual-harassment-1523574408

Other link referenced:
Cuomo Considers Eliminating the Tipped Minimum for New York https://ny.eater.com/2018/1/4/16848156/nyc-tipped-minimum-wage-andrew-cuomo

Audio Engineer: Ben Kliever

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