Springboard 2022 – Preparing for Sale: Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Springboard 2022

As buyers show more interest in emerging brands, it benefits franchisors to adopt best practices from the start and prepare with the end in mind. Experts share horror stories of what they have seen in the field as they share some “do’s” and “never do’s.” Panelists will expound on: what people really mean when they talk about “M&A”; the various transaction alternatives available to franchisors; the importance of “rollover”; working with a private equity partner; and what to look out for.

Moderator: John Goldasich – Managing Director, Lazard

Panelists: Satya Ponnuru – General Partner, NewSpring Franchise; Philip Piro – Principal, Princeton Equity Group; Mike Weinberger – Chief Franchise Officer, Unity Rd; Scott Abbott – Managing Partner, Five Star Franchising