Springboard 2021 – Franchise Relations Roundup

Springboard 2021

Go Beyond the Buzzwords

Communication, transparency, collaboration, integrity, inclusivity: these are all popular culture terms that, unless they translate into actions, don’t carry much meaning. In franchising, the rela- tionship between the franchiser and franchisee is paramount to the success of both, which means those buzzwords require real effort. In this session, you’ll hear franchisors and franchisees discuss: how they handle conflict (the pandemic undoubtedly brought plenty); opportunities to foster trust (and what can break it); and what emerging brands can do now to set the stage for productive re- lationships as they grow. Learn effective ways to engage franchisees, and get a candid look at how creating a culture of honesty and strong communication impacts the growth of the brand.

Moderator: Laura Michaels – Editor in Chief, Franchise Times
Panelists: Steve White – President & COO, PuroClean; Tamra Kennedy – Franchisee, Taco John’s; Sam Stanovich – Senior VP of Development and Alliances, Big Chicken