Springboard 2021 – Rev Up and Revitalize Your Pipeline in Today’s Selling Environment

Springboard 2021

In today’s changing business environment, finding great prospects and awarding franchises to the best franchisees must become a more focused, and consistent process. Uncertain times, changing attitudes, digital advertising, changing incentives to buy a franchise, slower funding and increased competition, have all contributed to a shift in the franchise sales landscape over the past year. In this session, our panel of industry experts will share tips and insights to get your franchise sales program into high gear and move your brand forward by closing more deals.

Moderator: Zach Beutler – Founding Partner, Horsepower Brands
Panelists: Alex Samios – VP of Franchise Development & Partner, Dogtopia; JT Thiessen – CDO, Home Franchise Concepts; Peter Barkman – Partner, BrandONE Franchise Development