Springboard 2023: Navigating Franchisee Disputes & Defaults

Springboard 2023: Overcoming Adversity: Navigating Franchisee Disputes & Defaults (Legal)

The current legal and economic climate provides fertile ground for franchisee disputes and contractual breaches. Emerging franchisors often struggle with how and when to take a more aggressive approach with system enforcement in light of the reluctance to head down a path that leads to termination. During this workshop, panelists will discuss strategies in dealing with demand notices, addressing franchisee defaults, and acceptable remedies and processes to bring or keep franchisees in compliance.

Moderator: Peter Viitre – Franchise and M&A Partner, Sotos
Panelists: Chris Walls – CEO, Go-Minis, Frank Reino – Partner, Fisher Zucker, Angela Olea – Founder, Assisted Living Locators