Supplier Wire 010: Save $1M+ Per Year By Consolidating Your Operations Tech Stack

In this episode, Woven CEO Matt Goebel discusses his innovative platform that helps franchisees streamline local communications and operations.

Matt Goebel is the founder and CEO of Woven, the leading multi-unit business management software. After spending more than a decade consulting in the franchise industry, Matt recognized numerous deficiencies in how technology was meeting the needs of operators. He started Woven in 2017 to address those deficiencies. In addition to Woven, Matt is a multi-unit franchisee in the salon & spa vertical and the founder of LumArc Solutions, a custom software design agency.

About Woven: Woven is a multi-unit business management platform for franchisee and independent owners, enabling them to manage people, operations and locations from one seamless platform.

In the episode Matt shares "How To Save $1M+ Per Year By Consolidating Your Operational Tech Stack"

1. Operational cost savings Woven can produce at scale for large multi-unit operators
2. Failing to prioritize the consolidation of your operational tech stack is:
a. Crushing your unit-economics
b. Burning out your management team with redundant, non-growth tasks
c. Preventing your business from achieving peak performance

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