Technology Spotlight: Turning “Net Promoters”into “Real Promoters” During (and after) COVID 19

Glad to FINALLY host todays guest, Founder & CEO of Franchise Payments Network & POLN8, Tom Epstein. He has been a friend and trusted advisor to me for a long time in franchising.

In this episode we mix on what Tom is seeing from a hard data standpoint because he is the credit card processor for many national brands across many sectors. Then we dive in to many topics that are extremely relevant for our audience right now, including:
-Gift card programs that distribute cash to franchisees NOW
-Loyalty and rewards programs that work
-How to turn “net promoters” into “real promoters”
-Mobile payments and ordering ahead
-How to rally employees and customers around your brand
-Changing consumer behaviors and things your brand can be working on to lay the foundation for a solid reopening and

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