The Collective 001: Matt & Adam Saxton, The Saxton Group

Welcome to "The Collective". Modern Business has launched a new podcast segment focused on Multi-Unit Ownership in franchising. This podcast will feature some of the most active, successful and growing Multi-Unit Franchisees. We will learn about their history, their business, their operations and how they play to continue their success now and beyond.

For this first episode of The Collective, your host Dean Hatzitheodosiou of FranchiseBlast interviews Matt and Adam Saxton of The Saxton Group. Find out how The Saxton Group went from a multi-unit pizza franchisee to the largest franchisee for McAlister’s Deli of Focus Brands. How their culture and teams have played an important role during the pandemic. How the largest Focus Brands franchisee can still operate as a humble family run business. Also, will Matt or Adam win in an arm wrestle?

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