The Effect of Private Equity Coming in to Franchising (and more), with Joe Mathews

We are really excited to publish this value packed episode. It really is at the top of our list for favorite conversations on the tour as we hosted a round table discussion with Joe Mathews covering a range of topics.

If you know Joe, he has opinions and he is not afraid to speak his mind. But his opinions are rooted in facts and backed by a very long career in franchising.

Listen in as we dive into topics like:
-What it was like working for the Legendary Fred DeLuca
-The numbers behind franchising, how many brands, how many new brands per year, how many franchise licenses are awarded and to who?
-Private Equity coming in to franchising, is a consolidation inevitable?
-Advice to emerging brands on how to look at capitalization, operations, and more
-What is franchising 3.0 and a "charge" for the next generation

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