The Future of Mobile Food

Enjoy this chat on with James Meeks, CEO of MOVE Systems. MOVE Systems is focused on modernizing the mobile food industry by providing a healthier, safer, and environmentally friendly food cart.


Additionally, through its subsidiary Simply Grid, MOVE is working with the FDNY and major hospital systems to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy costs for their mobile fleets. They have become part of our nation’s economic fabric by promoting entrepreneurship, supporting the veterans of our armed services, and manufacturing locally, all the while being a steward of the environmental sustainability movement within the world of Mobile Food and urban life.

MOVE is an IFA supplier and this conversation will be extremely compelling for those of you in the restaurant business. I also think this is a chat that will still be interesting to those not in the food business too, because we are all consumers and and effected by these trends.

James and I caught up at MUFC conference. I apologize for some of the noises during the chat, we had the YETI mic sitting on a table that picked up the noise of our hands hitting the table.

Shout out to Fish Consulting for setting up the meeting.


Audio Engineer: Ben Kliever

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