The Struggle Of Too Much To Do: With Jones Loflin – Speaker, Trainer & Author

Today our guest on the podcast is Jones Loflin. Jones and I met at IFA 2020 in Orlando Florida as a booth neighbor! We got to talking and I knew I wanted to host him on the Podcast.

Mr. Loflin is is a speaker, author and sought after trainer. His books include: Juggling Elephants, Always Growing, Getting to It, and Getting the Blue Ribbon. Focus areas include: work life balance, time management, leadership development, and adapting to change.

A sample franchise clients he works with includes: Tractor Supply, Choice Hotels, Taco Johns, and Interim Healthcare

One of his interesting pieces of past work that most folks in our audience would recognize: Jones worked as a “Trainer of Trainers” for the author of the best- selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? (involved training individuals from the US and other countries how to use the change model in their organizations)
Based in North Carolina.

Enjoy this episode as we explore all of the above, and get into topics ranging from:
-Helping others with the struggle of too much to do
-Highly effective leadership lessons and metaphors that help drive profitability at the franchisee level
-A thought experiment on how to increase productivity
-What the heck is work life balance anyways
-The three rings of success in your personal "three ring circus" of life
-The impact of technology on productivity and time management (positive and negative)
-How leadership is different today compared to 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and even less than one month ago
-Change management in these tough times

Website Link for more content from Jones Loflin:

Audio Engineer: ben Kliever

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