Women In Franchising 003: Liberty Bernal

In this episode, Aschley Schuetz talks with Liberty Bernal who holds the title of ‘youngest female franchisor in history’.

Today Liberty is the Managing Partner of LAR Enterprise, a Co-Owner of EnVie Fitness, and the Master Trainer for EnVie Fitness Online. she has been a franchisor (65+ units), franchisee (two locations), studio owner, advisor, and executive. Over the last 20 years she has fine-tuned her business focus to specialize in franchising, licensing, and business consulting with a specialty in relationship management.

Liberty is writing her first book, managing@larenterprise and @libertyandryan (with her husband Ryan), and encouraging people to lead their best lives in the healthiest and most positive ways possible.

Liberty is a wife, mom, long-distance runner, group exercise instructor, fitness coach and mentor.

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Audio Engineer: Ben Kliever

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