Ask Our Mentors: Antonio McBroom – Visionary Franchise Developer – PRIMO Partners

Antonio McBroom

What is One Thing You Would Tell any New Franchisor Starting Out Today?

“I’d remind any new or emerging brand of the old saying, ‘The Customer is always right.’ Well, in franchising, the franchisee is always right – as we’re the franchisor’s customer.”

Do You Have any Current Book or Podcast Recommendations?

“I get lots of value from the Growth Day podcast, by Brendan Brouchard.”

Can You Share a Story About a Mistake or Misstep Early On That Changed the Course of Your Business?

“At one time, I was so overly focused on the weakness of seasonality in my business that I tried to do a co-brand with another concept. It was a big mistake and cost me thousands quickly. From this, I learned that ‘…your main thing is to keep your main thing the main thing.’ And it made me a more strength-based business leader. Instead of focusing on how to make money when it’s not my season, I instead began thinking about how to capitalize fully on the season that I have.”

Where is the Best Place to Learn About Franchising and Business?

“The International Franchise Association (IFA). Their conferences are great.”

What’s New in Franchising (or Business) That We Should Keep Our Eye On?

“I think we should all keep our eyes on the impact of AI and the other technological changes happening in franchising. They’ll have an impact in the years to come.”

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