Ask Our Mentors: Shane Evans – Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman of Massage Heights

Shane Evans

What is One Thing You Would Tell any New Franchisor Starting Out Today?

“First and foremost, the people you partner with are critical to your success. Then there’s these three pieces of advice: 1) Partner with supplier partners that are experienced in franchising, beginning with legal and creating a strong franchise disclosure document (FDD), 2) Choose franchise partners that are a good culture fit, passionate about the brand, and are well-capitalized – hitting targets and good validations are key to growth, 3) Capitalize your business well enough to bring on strong and experienced support personnel.”

Do You Have any Current Book or Podcast Recommendations?

“I’m currently reading the book, ‘The E-Myth Revisited,’ by Michael Gerber. As for podcasts, I really like Modrn Business.”

Can You Share a Story About a Mistake or Misstep Early On That Changed the Course of Your Business?

“When we began with Massage Heights, an initial mistake we made was underestimating the capital resources needed to scale the business initially. The infrastructure and experience needed to support a franchise system differs from the experience needed to transition the brand from its inception by the founders to a scalable franchise network.”

Where is the Best Place to Learn About Franchising and Business?

“The International Franchise Association (IFA) website/membership – combined with IFA Conferences, as well as the Springboard Conference for Emerging and Re-Emerging Brands – combined with content on the website.”

What’s New in Franchising (or Business) That We Should Keep Our Eye On?

“AI. AI offers opportunities for franchisors and franchisees to enhance their operations, marketing, customer engagement, compliance, and decision-making. However, the adoption of AI also requires thoughtful consideration of its implementation and management, alignment with brand values, and compliance with legal and ethical standards. Proper training and collaboration between franchisors and franchisees will be key in leveraging AI effectively across the franchise network.”

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