Ask Our Mentors: Robert Branca – President – Branded Management Group/Branded Realty Group

Robert Branca

What is One Thing You Would Tell any New Franchisor Starting Out Today?

“I’d advise them to attend Springboard and the IFA Emerging Franchisor Conference, for starters. There are others, like the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, that are must-attends, but start with those two and branch out later. There are people there that you MUST meet and from whom you will learn a great deal.”

Can You Share a Story About a Mistake or Misstep Early On That Changed the Course of Your Business?

“I practiced law before I became a franchise owner and, looking back, I regret not becoming a franchise owner earlier than I did.”

Where is the Best Place to Learn About Franchising and Business?

“The conferences that I mentioned above, and the IFA Annual Convention. We call the industry ‘The Franchise Family’ for a reason – because everyone helps everyone, even competitors. It really is a remarkable segment of American (and international) business. These places are where you will learn to avoid the mistakes that others made on their journeys, and to learn how to maximize the lessons from yours.”

What’s New in Franchising (or Business) That We Should Keep Our Eye On?

“I think it’s important to focus on the increased level of attacks on the franchise business model from people painting it as things that it is not.”

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